Coronary Artery Disease - CAD - Anatomy - WBT

This CE is a 1 CE module which requires participants to view a one hour video, complete a 10 question quiz with 80 percent accuracy, and complete an evaluation.. 

Target Audience

EMS Providers

Learning Objectives

Upon completion the learner will be able to:

Description: The heart is a complex organ that pumps blood through the body with an intricate system of muscle layers, chambers, valves and nodes. It has its own circulation system and receives electric impulses that make it contract and relax, which triggers a sequence of events forming the cardiac cycle.

A solid and methodical understanding of how the heart works is key to understanding what can go wrong with it. 

Objectives: Upon completion of this continuing education session the student will be able to;

• Describe the location of the heart and its relationship to the other structure of the body

• Trace the pathway of blood through the heart

• Identify the chambers, valves, and major structures of the heart

• Describe the cardiac conduction system and how an EKG records these electrical activities

• Identify the coronary blood vessels and then relate their function to clinical presentations 

Course summary
Available credit: 
  • 1.00 Cardio
    • 1.00 NCCP-Cardio: Acute Coronary Syndrome
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Course expires: 

Cinthia Bateman, MD

EMS Continuing Education approved by the State of Colorado through Centura Health Prehospital Services Training Center and Group # CO 039 (SAH), #CO 040 (PSF) and #CO 065 (SDG)

Available Credit

  • 1.00 Cardio
    • 1.00 NCCP-Cardio: Acute Coronary Syndrome


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Required Hardware/software

Computer or mobile device with speakers or headphones