Toxicology Case Reviews-Part 1

We are back with an entirely new batch of cases to test your knowledge and treatments. Selected actual case review presentations involving toxicological emergencies ( I can’t make this stuff up, I am not that creative and fact far outweighs fiction). Each participant will be given the patient’s presentation from the EMS perspective and then the case will be followed through the hospital course on to discharge. Participants will be given actual EKG tracings, scene photos, radiographic films, lab values, radio reports, and assessments to determine the case progression. Compare your treatment plan to what actually transpired. See if your patient would have survived. This will be an interactive course with plenty of audience participation.

Target Audience


Learning Objectives

  • Discuss and review the assessment based upon patient presentation
  • Formulate potential complications arising from toxic exposures
  • Select the treatment modalities for toxic emergencies

NCCP-Medical: Toxicological Emergencies - Opiods (Inactive) 1.25 hours


Additional Information

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Available credit: 
  • 1.25 Medical
  • 1.00 Nursing
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David Sanko, BA, NRP

EMS Manager of Education and Training

EMS Continuing Education approved by the State of Colorado through Centura Health Prehospital Services Training Center and Group # CO 039 (SAH), #CO 040 (PSF) and #CO 065 (SDG)

Available Credit

  • 1.25 Medical
  • 1.00 Nursing


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Computer or mobile device with speakers or headphones