Anaphylaxis Review and EPI; A Match made in Heaven-Session 4-February 2nd 1500-1600 Hours

This session covers the underlying pathology of anaphylaxis, and allergic reactions. Additionally, we will review the various treatment modalities with particular attention towards Epinephrine. Many agencies have moved away from the Epinephrine auto-injector as it is cost prohibitive and instead moved to permitting BLS personnel to administer the medication after drawing it up traditionally. Let’s discuss how to implement such a training program in your agency

Target Audience

EMS/Nursing Providers

Learning Objectives

Upon completion the student will be able to:

  • Describe & compare the following conditions of Anaphylaxis & anaphylactoid reactions, Allergic reactions, Angioedema, Drug allergies
  • Identify emergent and non-emergent treatment and pharmacological interventions used in the management for anaphylactic & other allergic reactions
  • List the signs and symptoms of an anaphylactic reaction




Course summary
Available credit: 
  • 0.75 Airway, Ventilation, Respiratory
  • 0.25 Medical
  • 1.00 Nursing
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Course expires: 

David Sanko, BA, NRP

EMS Manager of Education and Training

EMS Continuing Education approved by the State of Colorado through Centura Health Prehospital Services Training Center and Group # CO 039 (SAH), #CO 040 (PSF) and #CO 065 (SDG)

Available Credit

  • 0.75 Airway, Ventilation, Respiratory
  • 0.25 Medical
  • 1.00 Nursing


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Required Hardware/software

Computer or mobile device with speakers or headphones